Project Tender and Bid Solutions

If you are a small or mid tier contractor frustrated with the time, cost and lack of success in tendering for work on projects. Or, you are considering tendering on upcoming projects but do not have the staff experienced in tender submissions or the support systems required. Project Builder can assist and reduce the stress of tendering. We offer:

Bid Systems

Tenderers are usually only given limited time to submit their offer, but the list of documents for a compliant bid can be onerous. If you are not tender ready and do not have systems in place to track bid progress and compliance then your bid may not make the first pass. Project Builder can help develop a system, tailored for your business, that allows you to focus on your strategy and offer, rather than stressing over support documentation that could exclude the offer if not correct.

Bid Support

Usually it is only large contractors that have the luxury of having a full time bid team on staff that have the experience and resources for quickly compiling high quality bids. With Project Builder you have the benefit of an experienced bid manager and the support systems for bidding, without the expense of a full time team.

Low Cost

It does not matter if you only submit one tender per year or are preparing tenders every month. Our systems can scale up or down so you only pay for what you need.


All information including quotes, strategy and support documents generated during the bid are confidential and treated as such. The data files are stored either on our clients server or a secure, encrypted cloud server with restricted access.


During the bid regular reports will be issued to show progress and the status of the bid. Following submission, a package of documents will be provided that will include all communications, quotes and supporting documents.
If you implement Project Builder systems, customised reports can be created for your business as well as custom client pricing sheets.

Reduced Risk

Using Project Builder will reduce your in two ways. The first is the risk register that is maintained during the bid. This will track the project execution risks identified and allocate any mitigation costs. The second is having an independent review of the submission by an experienced bid manager.