Project Builder software is a data base application developed specifically to provide greater control and visibility of pricing options during the bid development.   Developing the cost structure and price for your bid is probably the most critical component of the submission, but to often it becomes a maze of interlinked spreadsheets that do not sync reliably, are  copied and new versions created but not referenced, and become so large they are difficult to navigate and make sense of.  

Project Builder provides a secure, multi user, easy to navigate project pricing system that closely follows the price schedule format used in major tenders.

Project Builder Scope of Works Direct Costs input

Using Project Builder, the Scope of Works (SOW) issued with the tender schedules can be imported into the database and then each step has a tab for materials, labour, equipment and risk. Costs for each step can be selected from predefined project rates or input directly. Each step can have multiple options changed, compared and updated at any time during the bid. InDirect costs, margin and rates are added through seperate panels.

PDF reports can be customised to provide documents that match client schedules and also provide a bill of materials and itemise supplier and labour costs.

Multiple users can be logged into the project and see the same information in real time, authority levels can also be defined so commercially sensitive information is only accessible to authorised personnel. All prices can be referenced to a quote or source and can be drilled into to verify when reviews are conducted.

Project Builder is a cloud based application but can also be hosted on a local server if required. Project Builder software is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, the leading and largest cloud platform. AWS has an operating availability over 99.99 % and Project Builder is backed up every 20 minutes. The database, application and all traffic is encrypted providing a secure environment for your data.

Project Builder can be licensed on a per seat basis and you can keep all of your projects on your own database or be licensed for a limited time for a one off bid submission. All data in Project Builder can be exported in Excel format or as PDF documents so you can also retain your data on your own premises.